Selva di Cadore offers you a wide choice of mountain bike trails, which are suitable for any levels of difficulty: easy, middle and routes for skilled bikers. The itineraries cover the panoramic areas of the most beautiful Dolomites: from the Cinque Torri to Mount Fertazza, from the plateau of Mondeval de Sora to the Giau Pass, with the chance to stop for a pleasant break in one of the numerous refuges or malgas of the Valley.


This itinerary permits you to explore from east to west the areas where the Mondeval Man once lived and hunted. Moreover, the tour crosses the entire first area of the Dolomites UNESCO: ‘Pelmo and Croda da Lago‘. An excursion that takes you back to the ancient times when these places were inhabited just by animals and few nomadic hunters.

The tour starts in Selva di Cadore towards the Passo Staulanza. At the third hairpin turn on the left, there is a wide car-park at the foot of Mount Pelmo. From here an easy trail, with a slight difference in elevation, leads you to Rifugio Città di Fiume (1,918 m). Go after it and follow the CAI walking path n.467 at the bottom of Col de la Puina. From Forcella de la Puina the route goes down for a short part and then rises towards Forcella Roan and Casera Prendera. This section and the following one that leads to Forcella Col Duro can not be ridden in some points, thus the bike needs to be carried by hand. The single track leading to Forcella Ambrizzola is made of crushed stone, however it is not difficult to ride. Mondeval de Sora stands out in front of you, with important mountains dominating it: Lastoi del Formin and Croda da Lago. In the distance, on the left, you can see the rock where the burial of the Mondeval Man, who lived 7,000 years ago, was found. The finds are preserved in the Vittorino Cazzetta Museum in Selva di Cadore. From the Forcella continue the descent for a fun trail until Rifugio Palmieri and its lake (2,046 m).

After a short break, continue through the woods following the CAI walking path n.431, a narrow and technical path where in some parts you need to carry your bike by hand, until Pezié de Parù. Here you find the main road that leads to Passo Giau. Go up along the main road for several metres until a crossroads where, upon turning right, you start the trail leading to the 5 Torri. From here the last incline leads to Rifugio Averau (2,413 m). Going past the refuge, take the path on the right and follow it until the beginning of the wonderful single track Strada de la Vena. The long and pleasant decent among the pastures of Mount Pore, with the Marmolada in the background, leads you to the characteristic village of Larzonei. From there the trail continues until Colcuc and Canazei in an apparently flat ground, arriving at the end in Colle Santa Lucia. Upon reaching the main road, you are back in Selva di Cadore in a short time.

Itinerary: Rifugio Città di Fiume, Forcella Ambrizzola, Rifugio Palmieri, 5 Torri, Rifugio Averau, Larzonei, Selva di Cadore

Distance: 47 km    Difficulty: difficult    Surface: unpaved, meadow, paved


The first part of this tour goes from Pescul to Rifugio Fertazza and you can get there in two ways – following the CAI walking path n.569 or taking the chair-lift. Once at the Rifugio, go past it and follow a very hard incline until the fork at Costa del Conte. Here you start the long and varied descent to Alleghe. This descent, constituted by both paved and unpaved trails and paths, passes along the following areas: Prà della Costa, Fernazza, Coi, Frena, Coldemies, Fontanive, reaching Alleghe at the end. In Alleghe take the lift and go to Piani di Pezzè (1,452 m). Back on your bike, head toward Fontanabona. After the Ristoro Fontanabona go up following a long and challenging trail called “il muro del Civetta” (the wall of Civetta). Overcoming this part, the trail becomes easier until the Forcella (1,827 m). The CAI walking path n.564 continues flatly and leads you to Malga Pioda and then, continuing on its right, to Palafavera (1,511 m). From the car park of the chair-lift take the unpaved trail/path towards Posedera Valley, with a slight change in elevation through the woods. Once at Malga Vescovà, turn right and go to Malga Fontanafredda.

Then continue towards Forcella Pecol (1,786 m) and from there, following La Vizza de Mareson, descend towards the Palui area (1,493 m) along a technical and challenging trail. At the end of the descent, turn right to Baita Flora Alpina, then, crossing the road, go towards Rifugio Aquileia, located at the foot of Mount Pelmo. From here go back to Pescul following the trail along the pastures.

Itinerary: Pescul, Rifugio Fertazza, Costa del Conte, Alleghe, Piani di Pezzè, Col dei Baldi, Palafavera, Malga Fontanafredda, Forcella Pecol Rifugio Aquileia, Pescul

Distance: about 37 km    Difficulty: difficult    Surface: unpaved – paved


This excursion, which leads you to Rifugio Fertazza (1,839 m) in about an hour, starts from the car park of the chair-lift in Pescul. At the end of this parking area, on the left, follow the walking path n.569 that rises slightly until the fork Costaza (1,565 m). Continuing your ascent, go after some hairpin turns and arrive at Rifugio Fertazza.

You can go back following the same trail or riding an alternative itinerary, which is a bit more challenging. In this case, go past the start of the second chair-lift and continue on the path n.569 towards Col de la Montagna and then towards Col de la Chiza (1,663 m). Once there, follow the flat trail that leads to the fork Costaza and then continues on the trail towards Pescul, the same trail you rode along at the beginning.

Itinerary: Pescul, Rifugio Fertazza    Distance: 4,30 km to the Rifugio; 9 km the entire tour passing along Col del la Chiza

Difficulty: easy the first part, medium the second one    Surface: unpaved


From Selva di Cadore, you reach the Rova village and continue until the beginning of a trail leading to the crossroads along Passo Giau. Once here turn right and go up the main road of Passo Giau until Rifugio Fedare (2,000 m). Take the chair-lift and reach Rifugio Averau (2,413 m). At the rifugio, go down while following a quite difficult trail that corresponds to the area of the ski slope. At the intersection with the path n.441, continue your ride towards Jof de Melei. Shortly before meeting the path that rises from Rifugio Fedare, turn right along the meadows Masonadie, on the north side of Mount Pore.

The trail is not very evident, so follow the small haylofts along the meadows and then the trail will turn left until reaching the unpaved track pointing to Roun and the characteristic village of Larzonei (1,577 m). Upon reaching Larzonei, go towards the village of Colcuc and then to Canazei along a challenging and steep trail. The Strada de la Vena goes on towards Ru – Costauta and then, turning left, descends towards Pian of Colle Santa Lucia and then, following the main road, to Selva di Cadore.

Itinerary: Selva di Cadore, Rifugio Fedare, Rifugio Averau, Jof de Melei, Masonadie, Larzonei, Colcuc, Pian of Colle Santa Lucia, Selva di Cadore

Difficulty: difficult    Surface: unpaved, meadow, paved


This excursion, which is not very long, begins from the car park of the lifts in Pescul. On the right there is the trail n.569 that leads you to Rifugio Fertazza or, as an alternative, you can get to the same place by chair-lift. Once at the Rifugio, go past it and follow a very hard incline until the fork Costa del Conte. Proceed until Pra de la Costa and go up to Col dei Baldi. The walking path n.564 continues quite flatly, goes past Malga Pioda on the right and arrives at Palafavera (1,511 m).

From the parking area of the lifts, follow the unpaved trail towards Val Posedera with a slight change in elevation, passing through the woods and getting to Malga Vescovà. Then, turn right and go to Malga Fontanafredda. From the Malga, go on towards Forcella Pecol (1,786 m) and from there, along La Vizza de Mareson, descend a technical and challenging trail until Palui area (1,493 m). At the end of the descent, turn left and after a short unpaved trail return to the main road leading back to Selva di Cadore.

Itinerary: Pescul, Rifugio Fertazza, Col dei Baldi, Malga Pioda, Palafavera, Malga Fontanafredda, Pescul

Distance: 18 km    Difficulty: medium    Surface: unpaved


This short and easy excursion leads you in about an hour to Rifugio Città di Fiume (1,918 m), at the foot of Mount Pelmo. The trail n.467 starts nearby the third hairpin turn of Passo Staulanza, where on the left you can find a wide car park. The first part of the trail arrives at Malga Fiorentina, a nice place where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the Fiorentina Valley. From here on, the itinerary becomes more steep, but continuing your ride, it becomes flatter again until your destination: Rifugio Città di Fiume.

Itinerary: Rifugio Città di Fiume    Distance: 2,5 km

Difficulty: easy    Surface: unpaved


From Pescul go up to Mount Fertazza by chair-lift or by bike along the trail n.569. From the top of Mount Fertazza follow the walking path n.566 towards Col di Davegnin. This part, leading to Lagusello, presents a difficult surface with some hard passages. Upon arriving at Lagusello, continue your descent on the steep path leading to Caprile. In Caprile, follow the small way by the main road arriving at Alleghe, at the foot of Civetta.

Go up to Col dei Baldi (1,915 m) by gondola lift, then take the path descending to Casera Vescovà and at the crossroads turn left towards Malga Fontanafredda. Your ride continues with no change in elevation until Forcella Pecol, where you find the start of the technical and challenging descent leading to Pescul, specifically in the area of Bosc de le Fuoie. From here, proceed on your left and follow the paved road that arrives at Pescul.

Itinerary: Pescul, Mount Fertazza, Lagusello, Caprile, Col dei Baldi, Malga Fontanafredda, Pescul

Distance: 24 km    Difficulty: difficult


You can discover the numerous villages of Selva di Cadore and Colle Santa Lucia municipalities with a panoramic tour of Val Fiorentina.
From the car park nearby the lifts in Pescul follow the trail n.569 until the intersection at Costaza (1,568 m), where you start to descend towards the Fiorentina village, an ancient village abandoned after the flood in 1966. Back on the main road, turn right and go up towards Selva di Cadore. About 100 metres before the centre of Selva, turn left to the village of Villa and then continue your ride towards Codalonga. Cross the Codalonga stream, which was the ancient country border between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918, and go up to Pian of Colle Santa Lucia.

Upon reaching the main road, on the other side of it, you find the steep trail “El Triol dei Siori”, which leads before to “Vauz”, an area where there were once some of the Fursil mines, and then to the village of Posalz. From Posalz go towards the main road leading to the Giau Pass and at the crossroads turn left for several metres until you find the sign to Rova-Zardin on the right. Upon arriving at Zardin, on the left there is a very steep trail that rises for the first part and only in the second part becomes flat at Pien Daré (1,652 m). From here go down towards L’Andria. At the village continue towards the left and, crossing the Toffol bridge, turn left going up the paved trail that leads to Malga Pien de Vacia and then to Piera de l’Autà (1,756 m). The itinerary is almost at the end. The trail descends to the Palui area, where on the right you meet a path along the meadows that crosses the Cordon bridge and reaches your starting point: Pescul.

Itinerary: Pescul, Costaza, Fiorentina, Villa, Pian, Posalz, Zardin, L’Andria, Piera de l’Autà, Palui, Pescul

Distance: 21 km    Difficulty: Medium    Surface: unpaved, meadow, paved


For the young mountain bike lovers there is a suitable circle itinerary in the Palui area, which develops through paths and trails from the picnic area to Rifugio Aquileia. The start is located on the left, at the beginning of the picnic area or, if you prefer, you can start from Pescul, near the last houses on the left where there is a small trail arriving at the same area. The trail twists and turns among meadows, where horses and cows are grazing, and goes through a fir wood, following the course of the Fiorentina stream.

The destination is Rifugio Aquileia. Here, if you are not tired, you can go for a ride on the flat area around the Rifugio. The return follows for the first part the same trail, while the second part runs along the Fiorentina stream, on the opposite side of the outward ride. The trail is mainly flat and just in a few points presents a slight change in elevation. The length of the itinerary measures 4 km there and back and it is suitable for families with children and beginners with a bit of training.

Itinerary: Pescul, Rifugio Aquileia    Distance: 4 km

Difficulty: easy    Surface: unpaved, meadow