The hamlet of L’Andria was one of the first permanent settlements in the Fiorentina Valley thanks to two factors: the excellent sunny location and the great availability of water.

The Loschiesuoi stream, located near the Toffol area, provided a good quantity of water all year long. For this reason, along the stream, mills, smithies and a sawmill were built. Unfortunately, some of these old buildings were destroyed by a landslide in 1917 and due to the flood of 1966.
Along the itinerary that develops through the ways of the “Vila” of L’Andria, you can still recognize well-preserved buildings, characteristic of the life of mountain people until the end of the sixties.

In addition, you have the chance to admire the traditional haylofts, with their typical “barconele”(small shaped windows), the dwellings in Ladin style, the “faer”, made for drying fava beans, the “travai”, to shoe the livestock and two small churches, respectively dedicated to the Madonna della Neve (Madonna of the Snow) and to Sant’Osvaldo (St. Oswald). Moreover, along the Loschiesuoi stream, a pair of buildings once used as a smithy and mill are still present.

The map and the booklet about the cultural itinerary in Toffol and L’Andria are available in the tourist office of Selva di Cadore.