La chiesa di Santa Fosca e il Monte Pelmo alle sue spalle, Selva di Cadore, Val Fiorentina, Dolomitii (BL), Veneto, Italy

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Artistic Churches in Selva di Cadore in Val Fiorentina

During your holiday do not miss the opportunity to visit the artistic churches in Val Fiorentina. Every artistic church has its own unique features, discover them all!

  • Church of Santa Fosca in Selva di Cadore
  • Church of St. Laurence in Selva di Cadore
  • Church of St. Rocco in Pescul
  • Church di St. Oswald in L’Andria

Located in the village with the same name the church of Santa Fosca is one of the historical-artistic jewels of Val Fiorentina.

Built in the XV century in Alpine Gothic style, it has furnishings and ornaments both of Nordic/German and Veneto/Venetian influence. Of particular interest is the Flügelaltar chest dating back to the end of the XV century, conserved on the dossal of the main altar (mid XVII century), where the statute of the Crowned Madonna with Child is located between that of Santa Fosca and Santa Giuliana, as well as a small temple tabernacle from the XVIII century. Inside the church Don Natale Talamini is buried, a priest from Pescul and a poet and writer, known for being the first Member of the Italian Parliament from Cadore. On the counter façade there is a large fresco depicting St. Christopher dating back to the middle of the XVII century. The bell tower with its characteristic onion dome dates back to the XVIII century.

This is the largest church in Val Fiorentina. It was first consecrated on the 6 October 1,438 and reconsecrated in 1,477, due to a murder that took place inside it. It was extended in the middle of the XIX century. The main altar has an altarpiece dating back to the end of the XV century made by the local artist Antonio Rosso, depicting the Madonna enthroned with the Child surrounded by St. Laurence, Fosca, Sebastian and Roch and the Annunciation (in the lunette). One of the side altars is home to the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, that bears witness to the centuries-old devotion of the community of Selva to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The organ built by Girolamo Zavarise in 1,790 is located on the counter façade. Originally built for the church in Agordo, the organ was bought and brought to the church di St. Laurence in 1,840. It was restored in 2,000. The bell tower was rebuilt at the beginning of last century.

It is the oratory for a Battuti school built in the XVII century which was extended in the second half of the XVIII century. Of particular interest inside is the altarpiece in wooden bas-relief depicting St. Rocco made in 1,850 by Antonio Talamini, brother of Don Natale, and a Vesperbild or Pietà made of plaster from the XV century, to which the legend of the Ladies of Mondeval is linked.

The church of St. Oswald is an oratory built at the beginning of the XVIII century due to the wishes of Don Giobatta Nicolai. It underwent conservative restoration and embellishment work in 1,932. The feast of St. Oswald is solemnly celebrated on the last Sunday in July.

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