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Selva di Cadore

The Traditional Carnival

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The Traditional Carnival in Val Fiorentina

The Traditional Carnival in Val Fiorentina was recently revived after 20 years.

The event involves a masquerade party and a parade which starts in Pescul. "Traditional masks", led by Matazign and accompanied by music, pass through the streets in L'Andria and Toffol, announcing their arrival with the sound of cowbells and accordions.  

The traditional carnival in Val Fiorentina is an occasion to spend a carefree day full of joy, dancing and fun.

Historical news

According to tradition carnival celebrations started on the 6 January when the “i coscric i dia a tole carneval sa l Nat” (eighteen-year-olds went to get the carnival in Nat). The tradition was that the carnival arrived from Cadore through Forcella Forada, therefore, it was customary for the conscripts of the year to decorate a horse-drawn sleigh and starting from “sa l Nat” in Pescul, take the traditional joy of the carnival and spread it throughout all the “vile” in the village with music. This is why they were always accompanied by musicians.

“In màscora se dia vestìi da patafógn” (hideous mask, dressed in rags, with whatever you have and a bad hat).

“Se tiraa l scopetón (small, salted fish) co la sòga (with a very thick rope)”.

Màscore de la farina - Flour Mask

On Fat Thursday children (but more often girls) went from house to house with a bag and a basket decorated with ribbons. The girls wore an old handkerchief over their shoulders. Each child was given some flour and sometimes some eggs. With what they collected they were able to prepare some gnocchi or a dessert.