Donna in abiti tradizionali all'interno dell'antico mulino di Toffol, Val Fiorentina, Dolomitii (BL), Veneto, Italy

Selva di Cadore


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Ladin tradition in Selva di Cadore in Val Fiorentina

What makes Selva di Cadore the place it is is not only the enchanting landscape provided by the splendid mountains, valleys, woods and unspoilt nature, but also the inhabitants (Selvani or Silvani) and their culture: the architecture of the houses and haybarns, handicrafts, habits, customs and traditions are all very distinctive characteristics of the area. These distinctive features can be summed up in a single concept: the Ladin culture and tradition in Selva di Cadore and Val Fiorentina.

Ladin people can be found throughout the Dolomite valleys, in the four valleys that make up the Sella Mountain Group (Gardena, Val Badia, Val di Fassa, Livinallongo) and in the other valleys such as for example Val Pettorina (Rocca Pietore), Val Fiorentina, Val del Boite (Cortina d’Ampezzo, San Vito di Cadore and other villages) and Comelico.


The “Vila” tradition
in Selva di Cadore

One of the most common characteristics of Ladin villages is the concentration of houses in the “Vila” (settlement), surrounded by fields and pastures. The ancient hamlets of L’Andria and Toffol still retain their original appearance today. It is thought that Vilas were inhabited by one family and later expanded with the addition of other families.

The Vila was of vital importance in the social domain: it was not just a collection of houses, but a community based on solidarity and fraternity, where a fair balance between man and the environment is still clearly recognisable. Other characteristics of Ladin culture are in the language and traditional dress: the wonderful costumes are linked both to folklore, to the lives of individuals, families and communities.

Rediscovery, conservation and revitalisation of Ladin culture is supported by the work of the “Unione dei Ladini di Selva- the Selva Ladin Union”, that started at the beginning of the 1980’s with a vast cultural program, numerous publications and reviving the use of habits and traditions such as the Ladin local traditional dress (“da Maor Festa”) used for centuries by both men and women; it is also involved in the rediscovery of typical Ladin dances through two local associations the “Gruppo Folk de i Ladign de Selva” and the “Gruppo Minifolk”.

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During your holiday in Selva di Cadore in Val Fiorentina you can experience a genuine and authentic environment filled with ancient traditions and history and surrounded by the splendour of timeless nature.