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Vittorino Cazzetta Museum

After extensive renovation work the “Vittorino Cazzetta” Museum in Selva di Cadore re-opened its doors with a refined new look.

The display of the finds is compelling and captivating even for those who are not experts and for small children. The exhibition is enhanced by a skilful balance of technology: in the geo-paleontological room for example, a “holographic” projection highlights the cast taken of a dolomite rock (Mount Pelmo) of what were recognised for the first time in Italy as Dinosaur Footprints, highlighting their layout as a real trail.

In the archaeological section visitors are projected to the site of Mondeval de Sora, where the remains of a hunter dating back to around 8,000 years BC were found under an erratic boulder at an altitude of 2,150 m above sea level. Towards the end of the tour the light fades shattering in a starry sky on a clear night which envelops the extraordinarily intact skeleton of the Mondeval hunter, the real jewel of the Museum.


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On the second floor there is another itinerary which focuses on the history of mountain pastures where relics from numerous archaeological sites are on display, such as those from Mandriz, the rock shelter located upstream of the village of St. Fosca, as well as the history of mountain farmsteads, which continues to this day, which is explored through exhibited materials, some of which can be seen for the first time: traces of farmers from the Bronze Age found in Mondeval, the Iron Age stone found near Mount Pore and various high-altitude discoveries from the Roman era such as the borders of Mount Civetta. The archaeological section delves seamlessly into historical times in which medieval parchments show a complex framework of pasture and land management. 

At the end of the itinerary a “panoramic” room illustrates the historical, architectural and social characteristics of Val Fiorentina and the surrounding area, providing extensive insight into the area.

“V. Cazzetta” Civic Museum Archaeological, geological, paleontological and protohistoric museum.

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