La chiesa di Santa Fosca e il Monte Pelmo alle sue spalle, Selva di Cadore, Val Fiorentina, Dolomitii (BL), Veneto, Italy

Culture and History

Culture and History

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Culture and History in Selva di Cadore in Val Fiorentina

Val Fiorentina, known for its uncontaminated landscape, unspoilt, lush nature, is an extremely beautiful place with breath-taking scenery. It is the ideal destination for those looking to escape the frenzy of the city, regenerate and reconnect with the slow rhythms of nature and immerse themselves in a thousand-year-old culture.

The local area has been full of cultural riches since prehistoric times, as testified by the Vittorino Cazzetta Museum, which is home to the cast of dinosaur footprints, (the first traces discovered in Italy), and the skeleton of Valmo, the Mondeval Man, complete with funerary objects, discovered under a rock in Mondeval: the highest Mesolithic burial site in Europe.

Both finds were discovered by a man from Selva di Cadore in Val Fiorentina, Vittorino Cazzetta, who the Museum is named after.

Cultural heritage can also be breathed in among the ancient hamlets of L’Andria and Toffol, where the ancient waterfall Molin de i Padre can be found, the Churches of Santa Fosca and St. Laurence and other discoveries from the Eneolithic and medieval periods.

Traditions in Val Fiorentina are still very present, protected and valued. Dive into the culture and history of Val Fiorentina during your holiday.