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Selva di Cadore

Events in Val Fiorentina

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Events in Selva di Cadore in Val Fiorentina

In Val Fiorentina in both the summer and the winter there are various events and initiatives to make your holiday fun packed.

You can get to know the local area with the various guided tours on offer focusing on nature surrounded by the flora and fauna of the valley, trekking excursions for families, mountaineering tours for experts and cultural tours to learn all about the traditions and history of the valley.

In both the summer and the winter there are numerous cultural occasions: exhibitions, museums, waterwheels, films screenings, concerts at dawn and at high altitude etc.

You will realise that tradition and authenticity are essential elements of your holiday in Val Fiorentina that you will be able to experience by participating in the DesMountgada at the end of the summer, or at the traditional winter carnival.

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in Selva di Cadore in Val Fiorentina

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm and liveliness of the unique events in Selva di Cadore. Discover all the events!

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in September

Experience the Alpine tradition with "La Desmontegada", a folkloric performance that celebrates the descent of the cows from the mountain pastures. An authentic experience not to be missed!

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The Traditional carnival
in February

Immerse yourself in the colours and joy of traditional carnival, a festive journey through masks, music and centuries-old traditions. An event that enchants adults and children alike.

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