Every year Selva di Cadore offers to its dear visitors important events. Numerous associations of volunteers (the Val Fiorentina Pro Loco, the Union de I Ladign, the Alpine troops, the White Cross and the Firemen) organise events to make their stay in the Fiorentina Valley a better experience.

In summer, apart from excursions with experts to better know the Dolomites, their inhabitants and their flora and fauna, there is the Desmontegada, a traditional parade with cows and other animals coming back from the pastures at the end of the season. Other important village fairs are the Sagra della Madonna del Carmine (the third Sunday of July) and the traditional Sagra di Sant’Osvaldo (the last Sunday of July).
For dance lovers the Folk and minifolk Groups perform typical dances, all dressed in traditional local costumes. For families with children the Cinema under the Pelmo presents a series of films and cartoons for kids. In a few words, there are activities and events to suit all tastes.

Skiing is the highlight of the winter season – ski instructors and the Ski school organise evenings and torch-light processions for families and kids. The night of the 30th December fireworks light up Mount Pelmo and the Fiorentina Valley, followed by an evening of fun with music and mulled wine! Moreover, winter season also means snowshoes – walks with snowshoes led by experts and surrounded by nature, mountains and fresh air are an incredible experience.