The Val Fiorentina is the right place to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Selva di Cadore is, indeed, part of the Ski area Civetta. Thanks to the ski slopes on Fertazza even the beginners can practise and have fun in the snow. Mount Fertazza is part of the 80km of ski slopes of the ski area that connects Selva di Cadore to Palafavera, Zoldo to Alleghe in order to give the skiers the possibility to cover the highest number of kilometres. Selva di Cadore offers numerous ski slopes with different difficulty levels, so that both the beginner and the advanced skiers can find the right slope to practice according to their own level.

For beginners and children the ideal slope is located in Santa Fosca, near the main square, where there is the Winter Camp: a blue ski slope with a skilift and a sleigh slope; the ideal place for families with children.

For intermediate and advanced skiers, the Val Fiorentina offers slopes with different levels (from the blue to the black ones) located in Pescul. From here, indeed, a comfortable chair-lift takes you to Mount Fertazza, where the panorama of the entire valley and of the main peaks of the Dolomites is spectacular: the extraordinary Marmolada, the wonderful Pelmo and the majestic Civetta – the mountain from which the ski area has taken its name. Skiers can choose between the blue slope, the red one or the brand-new black one, perfect for the experts. Otherwise, they can have fun along the return slopes “Bait” and “Salere” (both red) that lead back to the valley. The connection with Alleghe, Palafavera and Zoldo is located on the right along the return slope “Salere”, which is connected, shortly before its end, with a skilift leading to two other slopes “Lastie”. After a beautiful morning spent on the slopes, you can stop in a mountain hut of the Fertazza area where you can taste delicious typical dishes and aromatic grappas.

However, Ski Civetta does not mean only ski. The snowboard lovers can have fun on their boards in the same way.

The Snowpark of the Ski Civetta area offers to all snowboarders the possibility to have fun and practise snowboard freestyle in two specific snowparks. The first Snowpark is located in Alleghe, next to the “Baldi” slope, where snowboarders can enjoy acrobatic jumps and freestyle. The second one is in the Zoldo area, near the “Cristelin” chair-lift and thanks to the artificial lighting it is open also in the evening.

The Snowpark in Alleghe is composed (starting from the top) of: a Projump (kicker 3 m, flat 10 m), a smaller Jump (kicker 1,5 m, flat 6 m), a good long landing and, short after it, a FunBox with a flat of around 6 m. Next to the FunBox there is a quite technical rail. On the left there are 3 jumps proper for beginners, as the kicker does not throw towards the top but towards the long side – the ideal situation to learn to jump. The 3 jumps, indeed, have flats with different kickers (from half meters to one meter of kicker and from one meter to 3 metres of flat).