The famous itinerary is very panoramic and goes along the ancient way used to carry the iron of the Fursil mines to the furnaces.

This itinerary begins near the Vittorino Cazzetta Museum. Taking the staircase located some metres before the building, walk along the panoramic and sunny road that enters some of our most inspiring hamlets: Rova, Zanata, Zardin. Going on towards left through the wood, you find the ancient iron way, which, with the remains of its ancient tunnels of extraction, represents the bygone mining reality of the valley, which included also smelting furnaces. Once met the main road leading to the Giau Pass, turn left and follow the road to Posalz. In the area of Posalz there are the entrances of the ancient mines where once iron was dug out. The trail continues through other villages: Ru, Canazei, Colcuc and Larzonei. At the end, you arrive at the Andraz Castle, ancient residence of the mines lords.
The entire excursion is very long. The most interesting part concerning the historical point of view is located at the foot of Mount Pore and at the north of Pian of Colle Santa Lucia, where there are some remains of the ancient tunnel of extraction.

During the summer, on Tuesdays and Thursdays guided visits are organised to disclose the story of the Fursil Mines.

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