In the winter it is difficult to go out, leaving the pleasant warmth of the wood stove. However, in Selva di Cadore, there are so many opportunities to stay out and enjoy the marvellous landscape. Walkings and excursions suitable for adults and children are present in all the Val Fiorentina territory, with snow shoes or just on foot. In this way you can enjoy the most evocative corners of the valley, through old hamlets and magic locations.


The start is located at the third hairpin turn of Staulanza Pass, on the Selva di Cadore side, direction Zoldo Valley, where on the left there is a wide car park. The itinerary that leads to Rifugio Città di Fiume is suitable for everyone, including the beginners. Along it you can enjoy a wonderful panorama over the most famous Dolomitic peaks. In summer the track can be walked along and in winter you need snow-shoes. It runs entirely at the foot of Mount Pelmo and once you get to Rifugio Città di Fiume you can admire the following mountains: Pelmo, Marmolada, Croda da Lago, Lastoi del Formin and Civetta. In the first part of the track there is Malga Fiorentina with a panoramic view over Val Fiorentina. Then from here you arrive at Rifugio Città di Fiume following the path on the right: the entire excursions to Città di Fiume lasts about an hour.
Once you get there you can continue for a short distance on your right to Forcella Forada, where you can experience the emotion of seeing closely the Pelmo’s walls up close.
For the experts, from Rifugio Città di Fiume there is the possibility to continue the walk to Malga Prendera, enjoying a day-trip surrounded by a spectacular winter scenery.

Difficulty: easy until Rifugio Città di Fiume
Time: 1.00h to Rifugio Città di Fiume; 2.30h to Malga Prendera
Distance: 2 km to Rifugio Città di Fiume; 5 km to Malga Prendera
Accessible: on foot, with snow-shoes, ski-mountaineering


Mount Fertazza can be reached by a track located in Pescul, on the right of the chair-lift. The track n. 569, entirely groomed during the winter season, starts directly from the car-park. It is suitable both for walks in summer and walks with snow-shoes in winter. The path follows a track in the wood and it gives the possibility to spend time in a relaxing landscape covered by snow. The first part of the track leads to Rifugio Fertazza (1,839 m). From here, following the path next to the ski runs, you are again surrounded by the wood’s silence. Walking along a flat distance, turning left at the crossroads, the path goes up near some small wood lodges and arrives at the end at Ristoro Belvedere (2,082 m), not far from the top of Mount Fertazza. From this panoramic point you can admire the Fiorentina Valley and the most beautiful Dolomitic peaks, such as the North-west wall of Civetta, the great Pelmo and in the distance the Sella Group, Marmolada, Averau and Mount Cernera.
For this excursion there is the possibility to walk only half of the way and then take the chair-lift. A good alternative for the ones who want just to walk part of the trail.

Difficulty: easy
Time: 1.45h to Rifugio Fertazza – 2.45h to Ristoro Belvedere
Distance: 6 km
Accessible: on foot, with snow-shoes, ski-mountaineering


The track to Malga Fontanafredda starts at the first hairpin turn after Staulanza Pass on the Zoldo Alto side. The hiking trail is totally flat and penetrates a magic landscape surrounded by silent woods and pastures, covered by soft snow. Before reaching the destination, there is a crossroads, where you can make a detour, turning left and reaching Malga Vescovà. Instead, following the classic track you reach Malga Fontanafredda (1,768 m). Here you can relax and sunbathe in a wide sunny area, surrounded by Mount Pelmo and Civetta. The hiking trail is not difficult and is also suitable for families with young children.

Difficulty: easy
Time: 0.45h
Distance: 2 km
Accessible: on foot, with snow-shoes, ski-mountaineering


The excursion starts from the last houses of Pescul hamlet (1,415 m), where on the left there is the path. It is mainly flat and twists and turns among pastures covered with snow and crosses a small bridge over Cordon stream. Proceeding on the left and following the signs to Rifugio Aquileia, you arrive at the intersection with the cross-country ski trail and after this the path goes up on the left. The second part of the excursion stretches out along clearings covered with snow and under the majesty of Mount Pelmo. Shortly before the end, there is an other small bridge over Ravaze stream and then Rifugio Aquileia (1,583m).
The moderate difference in height and the short distance make this excursion suitable for families and elderly people.

The hiking trail crosses the cross-country ski trail, so pay attention not to ruin it, just walk along it.

Difficulty: easy
Time: 1.00h
Distance: 2 km
Accessible: on foot, with snow-shoes


The excursion starts in the typical hamlet of Toffol, not far from Santa Fosca. Turning right short before the Loschiesuoi stream the track begins and develops at the foot of Piz del Corvo (2,383m). The first part leading to Malga Pien de Vacia goes slightly up, then towards Mondeval it becomes quite flat. If you decide to go back to Santa Fosca there is a path on the right. Continuing on the main track you reach Piera de l’Autà of Mondeval (1,756m). Starting from here the experts can walk until Mondeval de Sora.
Past the bridge over Cordon stream, the descent starts along the CAI path n. 466. It passes through a wonderful fir wood and reaches Palui area, where it is connected to the main road 251. Short before the crossroads, on the right, there is a path that leads to Pescul. Once there, you can follow the main road and return to the starting point.

Difficulty: easy
Time: 3.30h
Distance: 7 km
Accessible: on foot, with snow-shoes, ski-mountaineering


The walk starts from the ancient hamlet of L’Andria (1,468 m), where the traditional haylofts and the characteristic dwellings are still present. After the marvellous church of Sant’Osvaldo, turn right toward a short but steep slope that decreases at the beginning of the woods, where you can enjoy a fantastic view over the Fiorentina Valley.
After crossing the Stretto stream, continue until the crossroads to Pien Darè (1,650 m). From here turn left and go down to Franceschin (1,453 m), turn left and return to the starting point. If you like walking, you can lengthen the excursion just going straight on at the crossroads in Pien Darè and arriving at Zardin, (1,444 m), near Selva di Cadore.

Difficulty: easy
Time: 1.45h to Franceschin – 2.45h to Zardin
Distance: 2 km to Franceschin – 4 km to Zardin
Accessible: on foot, with snow-shoes, ski-mountaineering


This wonderful excursion leads to the location where the burial of the Mondeval man was found. The Mondeval man was a hunter lived around 7,500 years ago, whose perfectly preserved skeleton and grave goods are displayed at the Vittorino Cazzetta Civic Museum in Selva di Cadore.
The excursion begins 1 km after Pescul, in the Picnic area/Palui (1,474 m), on the left of the road n. 251. From here follow the CAI track n°466 that rises in the woods until Piera de l’Autà, near the ARPAV control unit (1,756 m). After the control unit, continue on the right along the path n°466 and start a slight ascent through the pastures. Firstly pass Malga Mondeval di Sotto and after this area cross the Cordon stream. From here the trail begins an ascent along a steep slope before arriving at Mondeval de Sora (2,158 m), the location of the finding of the Mondeval Man. Here, in case of need there is also a shelter.
This hiking trail, surrounded by the quiet of nature, is gorgeous thanks to the panoramic views and the uncontaminated landscape. From the basin of Mondeval de Sora you can admire the wonderful peaks of the Dolomites – Lastoi del Formin, Croda da Lago, Becco de Mezodì, Civetta and Pelmo. For the experts and trained people, there is the possibility to reach the top of Lastoi de Formin or of Col Duro or cross all the Mondeval de Sora area and descent to Rifugio Città di Fiume.

Difficulty: Medium – difficult
Time: 4.00h
Distance: 5 km
Accessible: with snow-shoes, ski-mountaineering


The excursion starts at Rifugio Fedare and goes towards the top of Mount Pore, a legendary mount known in the past for the extraction of iron. The trail consists in a first part of average slope and a second part of steep slope. Start behind Rifugio Fedare, pass under the chair-lift and continue on the path on your left (path n. 463) through some characteristic huts. Then, staying on the left, go on towards Jof de Melei (2,140 m), the middle point of the mountain between Andraz and Fedare, and enjoy the fantastic panorama over the nearby valleys and mountains. This first part is short (1.00h to get to Jof de Melei), easy and accessible to everybody, included beginners.
The more experienced and trained ones can continue only with stable weather and good snow conditions, following the trail that leads to the top of Mount Pore, where an evocative cross is located. Here the breathtaking panorama enchants the visitors – the look stretches around and catches the most beautiful Dolomitic peaks such as Civetta, Pelmo, Marmolada, the Gruppo del Sella, Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Tofane.

Difficulty: easy to Jof de Melei – difficult to the top of Pore
Time: 1.00h to Jof de Melei – 2.00h to the top of Pore
Distance: 1,5 km to Jof de Melei – 3 km to the top of Pore
Accessible: with snow-shoes, ski-mountaineering

Skibus available on the following routes: Pescul – Santa Fosca – Selva di Cadore – Fedare (Passo Giau)
Ticket Return € 5.00
For more info and timetable: Val Fiorentina Tourist Office – Selva di Cadore